Artistic Development & Movement Program



As a movement coach, Sheena teaches unique and customized programs on the fundamentals of stage performance. The program are catered to various professional artists from singers, dancers, to stage performers. Sheena works closely with the artist’s management and team in grooming the artist in helping them develop or build their image and movement on stage. Part of it is honing the act and nurturing them to find their own style through their own music or brand. This involves creating a goal setting and plan of action for the artist.

All training requires a personal consultation which includes the following:

  • To discuss the coach’s evaluation and suggestions with the artist before making any decisions.
  • Training artist will be offered special program options and packages for customized weekly, monthly or 3-18 months intensive training. The lessons will be tailored to suit the artists needs and interests.
  • The coach will design a personalized program for the artist that provides lessons in stage presence, finding their own self- identity, musicality, confidence building, fundamental exercises on stage performance and improvisations, grooming and image branding.
  • Career Planning/ Goal Mapping

Open Class/ Workshop:  1.5 hour class, One day single training, 15 persons or more

(Open to all levels)

Private Group Training: 1.5 hour class, for 3-7 persons only

Includes 3 months – 18 months Intensive Program

(Customised to clients needs and interests)

 Private Training: 60 mins, One-on- One session only

Includes 3 months- 18 Months Intensive Training Program

(Customised to clients needs and interests)

Sexy Heels Fitness



Sexy Heels Fitness is an empowerment and dance fitness program specifically designed for women who wants to be fit and build their inner confidence particularly wearing heels. This specialized program Sheena developed is a full body workout that includes non heel strength, conditioning and static training with tools and drills that teaches heel walk techniques, proper form and posture. Here, the clients also learns dance styles with fun and easy to follow dance steps and choreography.

Open Class/ Workshop:  1.5 hour session, One day single training, 15 persons or more

Monthly Program: 60 mins class, 1-2 sessions per week

Private Group: 1.5 hour class , for 5-10 persons only

Private Lessons: One-on- One sessions (customized to clients needs)

Special Event/Company Wellness Program: 60 mins session, 20 persons or more

Dance Choreography and dance workshops:

Due to Sheena and Bea’s unique backgrounds and individual styles, they provide dance workshops within many genres including hip hop, breaking, jazz funk, Sexy Heels Fitness, artist development and more. Each workshop is arranged from 1 to 1.5 hour blocks – depending on the client’s needs.

Cultural exchange:

We connect worlds together through movement, travel and culture . We teach our style, you teach us yours.

Hosting and Motivational Speaking:

Gypsy Moves have been given an incredible platform to inspire others through our experiences, personal stories, dance and travel. Our various experiences many competitions, events, functions and TV Shows around the world have provided us the tools to encourage any artist.

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